Job Posting for Hobbie Lab at UNH on our collaborative SPRUCE project.

Ph.D. opportunities in terrestrial ecosystem ecology and mycorrhizal fungi at the University of New Hampshire (this posting is for a collaborator on our SPRUCE project)

The Hobbie lab invites applications to the UNH Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS) Ph.D. Program. We welcome inquiries from motivated students interested in how the interactions of organisms with their environment influence carbon and nutrient cycling. Our lab is an interactive group with interests in ecosystem modeling, remote sensing, the application of stable isotopes in ecology, and belowground processes, particularly mycorrhizal fungi. We are currently looking for students on two projects, one to work on a new global change experiment in northern Minnesota, another to work on biogeochemical consequences of shrub expansion in the Arctic. Incoming Ph.D. students are encouraged to develop their own research projects in these areas. For more information on research projects in the lab, please visit our website>.

Interested applicants should email Dr. Hobbie <>. The deadline for domestic and international applications is Jan. 15, 2012. In your email, include “Ph.D. opportunity” in the subject line, and a brief statement of your current or future research interests (please be as specific as you can), and a curriculum vitae. For information on applying to the NRESS Program, visit <>.

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