JOB POST: Postdoc position in microbe-mineral interfaces

The Hanson and Chan laboratories at the University of Delaware are seeking motivated geomicrobiologists in training to work at the microbe-mineral interface. Our NSF funded project (award # 1244373) seeks to understand how the phototrophic bacterium Chlorobaculum tepidum both produces and consumes extracellular elemental sulfur. This is a new and rapidly developing system in microbe-mineral interactions. The project utilizes (and provides extensive training opportunities in) anaerobic microbial genetics, systems biology, electron microscopy, and nanoscale geochemical analysis methods. Our laboratories are located at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute (, the newly constructed Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (, and we will make extensive use of advanced capabilities in UD’s BioImaging center ( UD offers a number of programs for professional development and networking specifically targeted at postdoctoral researchers. We are committed to providing an environment where enthusiastic and talented postdoctoral researchers can advance their careers. 

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