Off to ESA in Minneapolis!

Several of us are off to MN Sunday for the Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America.  Unfortunately all three presentations by Myself, Meg and Tarah are scheduled for Thursday and Friday (2 posters and 1 talk).  Please stick around and prove Alan Townsend wrong by filling up those late meeting sessions!

Then Friday after the meeting I’m off to do some fieldwork on the SPRUCE project.  

Fair the well and see you in MN!

Off to Asilomar Fungal Genetics Conference on Tuesday…

Just finished up my poster for the Fungal Genetics Meeting at Asilomar coming up on Tuesday and dropped the file off at the printer.  Very excited to attend for the first time.  I’ve been hearing great things about this conference for years and it certainly looks to be a great location.  Finally got the excuse I needed to add yet another meeting to my schedule when I was asked to help organize a session on metagenomics.  Looking forward to the session, conference and the chance for a stroll or two on the beach!

New content posted

Links to upcoming meetings featuring Schadt Lab researchers are now posted to the ‘Meetings Calander’ page. I am particularly looking forward to attending the Fungal Genetics Meeting in Asilomar this year for the first time, where I am lucky enough to be organizing a session on Ecological Metagenomics with Betsy Arnold of the University of Arizona. I’ve heard from many people I respect greatly that this is a fabulous meeting, and it is surely in a fabulous location!

Also I have included a page titled ‘Projects, Sponsors and Links’. This includes links to some of the major projects we are involved in daily in the Schadt Lab, as well as links to the always important agency sponsors and collaborators. I have only done the easy ones so far (those that large projects that have their own web pages), but hopefully I can add some of the smaller (but no less important!) ones soon.

The ‘Job Postings’ page includes postings for various positions received from collaborators and others I have run across via mailing lists and other sources.

The ‘about’ page also has a new name and a small amount of new content.  It is now the ‘People’ page and I anticipate adding more information about current and past lab members as I gain permission, ambition and time to do so.

Branch Meeting of the Tennessee/Kentucky chapter of American Society for Microbiology this weekend

Branch Meeting of the Tennessee/Kentucky chapter of the American Society for Microbiology

The schedule of events for the meeting of the local branch of ASM is posted!  Schadt Lab researcher Migun Shakya (Ph.D. Student) will be giving a presentation on his work on the Poplar root microbiome project and Meg Steinweg (Postdoc) will be giving a presentation on her work on the microbial communities of peatland systems at our SPRUCE experiment.